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About Us

Pushtor.com is a service to allow your website to send / activate push notifications on your website even after your website is not SSL secure because Push Notification always works for secured websites only. So use Pushtor.com and activate instant push notifications service for your website without worrying about SSL activation and many configuration related tasks.


Instant & Scheduled Delivery

You can automate the instant notification or you can schedule the notification when customer are browsing on your site.

Default and Personalized Messaging

Engaging Default Notifications.
Customized notifications can be sent with the image to look impactful to your users / subscribers.

Support HTTP and HTTPS

It supports for both HTTP and HTTPS websites. It means you don't require SSL to be installed on your website to activate Browser Push Notification plugin on your website.

Support Multiple Browsers

This plugin support all major web browsers i.e. Chrome: 50+, Mozilla: 44+ and Opera: 42+

Integration with SocialEngine Notifications

Deeply integrated with SocialEngine notifications enables push notification for all type of updates on your site.

Mobile Compatible

Works perfectly with mobile browser and allow you to receive real time updates, without bieng active on the website.

Contact Us

To know more about this service, you can contact us using below contact us form.